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Your Oriental Area Rugs will last longer when they are properly maintain. Is this your goal, Extend the life of your rugs or make your floor covering investment is been taken care.

Do you know a  9 x 12 Area rug can hold around 87 pounds of dry Soil before you can see any signs of having a dirty rug. When you have dry soil on your rugs, you are just damaging your rugs. Dry soils are very abrasive, they work like sand paper. Every time you or some else walks on your rugs you are just cutting the fiber, you are shorting the life of you rugs.

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 When Should You should hire a Professional to clean your area rugs.

  • Visible soiling, spots or a fresh spill.
  • You see dry soil on the backing.
  • Oriental Rug Importers Association Recommend hand made wool rugs to be cleaned every 2 to 4 years.
  • Pet damage or urine contamination.

What Do You Receive When You Hire Rodriguez Area Rug Cleaning Louisville.

When you hire Rodriguez Cleaning Services to clean your Area rugs. We will hand wash and Detailed clean your rug. Your Oriental Rug will be cleaner and feel softer than ever before. Our Gentle and Hand Washing system will ensure your rug receive the best cleaning possible.

Rodriguez Cleaning Service is your Trusted High End Oriental Rug Cleaning Company.

Don’t be a victim of those uneducate and sometimes downrights Carpet cleaners that claim to be Professionals.

A Professional Cleaning Take time and Cost Money. Our Cleaning Process Will requiere us to keep your rugs for at least two weeks. A high End and Professional Cleaning Service is not a $2 car wash service are price range around 4 per square foot but we always will come out to your home or you come out to our building for a final inspection and pricing.

Why Hiring Rodriguez Area Rug Cleaning Louisville? 

  • We are exclusevly refer by most of the flooring dealers and interior designer in Town( Louisville).
  • We offer 100% MOney back guaranteed.
  • 2 Millions on liability insurance.
  • Written Price At front with not hidden fees.
  • We are IICRC Certified To clean Oriental rug and FIne fabrics.
  • Safe Solutions and latest equipment.
  • You are more than welcome to come to our Building and anytime to get an Update on your Rug Cleaning.